Interesting T-Shirt Design

Today’s topic is T-shirt Design. Some of them are really interesting and some of them are pretty clear ads campaign. Hope you enjoy! :)

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Wifi T-Shirt
To catch a wireless signal? This t-shirt will literally tell you (by lighting up bars across the chest of the shirt) whether there are any wireless Internet signals close to where you are standing.

I saw one of my colleague wore this tee once. The signal receiver is actually an extra thing stick to the shirt. As he said, it was not that comfortable to wear, but he got 100% second glance that day. lol [[buy on Amazon]]

interesting t-shirt design

FedEx T-Shirt
T-shirt designed for a FedEx campaign makes it look like the wearer is carrying a FedEx envelope around. [link]

interesting t-shirt design

H4H Hair Formula T-Shirt

Clever t-shirt was used to market hair growth products in Singapore. [link]

interesting t-shirt design

“Try Another Hole” T-Shirt

Some of the best geeky attire combines tech terminology with sexual innuendos, and “Try Another Hole” t-shirt is an excellent example. Try wearing it to a bar, and who knows? You might just strike up a conversation with a pretty girl who gets you into a rousing conversation of the pros and cons of Firewire vs. USB!  [[buy on Amazon]]

interesting t-shirt design

Skin T-Shirt [link]

Look like real and kind of bloody.

interesting t-shirt design

PowerHouse Healthclub T-Shirt

This is a satire of the need to work out. An inlet-outlet rubber is attached to the t-shirt, the guy is giving an impression of an air balloon and powerhouse is the ultimate destination to let the air out. [link]

interesting t-shirt design

“LMAO” T-Shirt

Another representative of geeky T-shirt, it is perfect for those who find themselves thinking and talking in online lingo more than actual English [link]

interesting t-shirt design

Bad Biker T-Shirt

interesting t-shirt design

Zoo Safari T-Shirts

Creative t-shirts were designed to promote Zoo Safari in Brazil. “Zoo Safari: You’ve never been so close to a lion/tiger”. ((Advertising Agency: DDB Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil)

interesting t-shirt design

Walkman T-Shirt

interesting t-shirt design

Gun T-Shirt

interesting t-shirt design

Perrier Water ads compaign T-Shirt [link]

interesting t-shirt design

interesting t-shirt design

interesting t-shirt design

Music T-Shirts T-Shirts

We know you love music. lol [link]

interesting t-shirt design

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  1. Vijay says:

    brilliant designs. very innovative

  2. dyka says:

    soon you have a good design

  3. sangkeetha says:

    very cool i love the the design how i wish i could design this kind of t-shirt

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