Mixed media artist Kristen Egan creates surreal mask sculptures that are delightfully bizarre. Using wood, clay, paper and other materials, Egan’s masks are entirely unexpected yet full of intrigue. Kristen’s work explores themes such as evolution, predator-prey relationships, folk art and totemic imagery. Her pantheon of recurring animal characters are often inspired by species native to her home state, or mythologized elements of personal experiences. Her creative process relies on the organic shapes of natural materials like gourds, antlers and tree branches.

“Adding details with carved wood, paper clay and acrylic paints, she often juxtaposes bright patterns and ornamentation against raw or weathered surface textures.”

Every piece is imbued with whimsy and symbolism, exploring the connections between humans and the natural environment. It is truly a unique work of art, certain to fascinate and inspire viewers. For more eye-catching masks from Egan, you can follow Egan on her Instagram.

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