Step into the enchanting realm of Hannu Huhtamo‘s extraordinary light paintings, where luminous creatures come to life amidst darkened landscapes. In these ethereal works, Helsinki-based artist Huhtamo has mastered the art of long-exposure photography since 2008, crafting a stunning repertoire of both real and imagined plants and animals.

Captured entirely in-camera with no post-production editing, each meticulously choreographed piece represents minutes, and sometimes even hours, of painting with light. In the captivating making-of video below, Huhtamo reveals the dedication behind his craft. “If I start from scratch, it takes about a week to learn how to draw the new shape with light,” he explains. “First, I create simple sketches on paper, and then I experiment with my light tools to figure out how to bring each element to life. I often divide the form or shape into sections and practice each part separately.” The most challenging aspect is finding the perfect location for the life form, as it must harmonize with the intended creature and provide the right level of darkness for the composition to radiate.

Huhtamo’s preferred medium for creating these remarkable works is a range of optical fibers, which produce beautifully smooth and transparent light trails with an organic texture. These fibers are carefully affixed to high-intensity flashlights, ranging from 1,200 to 2,500 lumens, using custom adaptors. To infuse his creations with vibrant hues, Huhtamo employs colored filters in turquoise, yellow, pink, and green, artfully interposed between the light source and the optical fibers.

Currently engaged in various collaborations and commercial projects, Huhtamo invites enthusiasts to explore more of his breathtaking paintings and discover information about prints on his website and Instagram.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Hannu Huhtamo’s light paintings, where radiant marvels illuminate the darkness and ignite the imagination.

“Serenity” (2021). All images © Hannu Huhtamo
“Imaginary Sea Creature 1” (2022)
“New Terrain” (2022)
“Photon” (2021)
“Starmade” (2021)
Top left: “Âmes Libres” (2019). Top right: “Wild Ones” (2021). Bottom left: “The Bond” (2019). Bottom right: “Risen” (2021)
From the ‘Imaginary Sea Creature’ series (2022)

making-of video

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