When it comes to kitchen renovations, we see many different designs come and go each decade. From simplistic and clean to classic and practical, there are certain renovations that will withstand the test of time. These fantastic renovations will withstand changes in trends, continuously appealing to audiences whilst simultaneously providing your kitchen with that timeless feel. Here are some of the kitchen renovations that are here to stay.

Simplistic White Designs

White designs will never really go out of style. They provide your kitchen with that touch of class that will last for decades to come. Combined with accessories, they fill the room with character and also make the overall appearance of the room larger. Although these designs will require a little bit more cleaning, the result you achieve with each clean is well worth the extra work. To create a well-rounded room, kitchen renovations in Calgary will often use white on your kitchen’s floor, backsplash and trim in order to create the perfect shade of white within your kitchen.

Wooden Flooring

Hardwood floors have been a customers favourite option for decades, never going out of trend. They create a comfortable, cosy environment within the kitchen that homeowners simply fall in love with and as a result, this trend is here to stay. The natural materials used adapt to any kitchen style which helps to bring the room together even when open floor plans are used. If hardwood flooring isn’t your style, then other wooden flooring materials can also be used. For example, porcelain planks

Quartz Remains King

 Quartz-surfacing countertops have become popular over the past two decades and for good reason. Not only is their aesthetic truly outstanding, but they also require significantly less upkeep compared to their granite counterparts. The simmering surface of quartz is less dominant than other materials available and as a result you’ll still love it every time it’s used. Quartz also works well with several different cabinet colours. They work with both light and dark colours, which makes them ideal when it comes to integrating new colours into your kitchen.

Open Layouts

Gone are the days of separate rooms that isolate the kitchen. Open layouts are definitely here to stay. They help to create an informal dining experience enjoyed by both family and guests. At the same time, they promote a connected lifestyle in which interaction between family is encouraged. With this seamless integration between cooking and eating, open layouts have helped to change the ways in which we cook forever.

Smart Technology

Technology is currently changing the world around us at a rate we have never seen before. It impacts the way we do business, connect with family and now the way our kitchen operates. Although smart technology is only getting started when it comes to kitchen innovation, it is something that’s here to stay. It will begin to have an even greater impact on the ways in which we cook, making use of sensors, smart lighting and smart appliances so that we get the most out of our kitchens. From refrigerators that inform you when food is low, toasters and kettles that turn on with your alarm and induction hobs which help to save energy, every kitchen will begin making use of smart technology in the future.

Although our kitchen renovations continue to change, it is clear that these particular options are here to stay. The impact they have on our kitchens is truly timeless and will continue to impact us even as other trends begin to change.

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