Life Gadget Design 3

Hello, today is our weekly routine Life Gadget Design – Silly or Creative. I will present you with 10 latest product design. Some of them are real product and some of them are still concept design.

Your turn again. How do you think following designs? Silly or Creative? (n_n)

1. Garbage can of sorting from Constance Guisset [Link]

The left pedal opens the highest can in a traditional way.That can is for general discarding.
The middle pedal makes the second can rotate around a decentered axe. that ca is for packing, plastic etc.
And the right pedal makes the last can move towards user. that can is for glass discarding.

Life Gadget Design

Life Gadget Design

2. Skrepkus paper clip from Art Lebedev [Link]

Skrepkus is called “three times prettier and three times more convenient than an ordinary paper clip”.

Life Gadget Design

Life Gadget Design

3. Fruit Bowl from Nathan Martell [Link]

A flat-pack bowl that zips into shape.
Materials: aircraft plywood, wool felt(??? that is a weird material to make bowl), zippers

Life Gadget Design

4. Concept design “Washup” [Link]

Washup Washes Your Clothes…Then Flushes Your Toilet! “Washup” is a conceptual design integrating washing machine with toilet-flush. It suggests a sustainable water consumption by storing the wasted water in toilette-flush tank to reuse when flushing. Moreover, “Washup” brings a solution for the problem of location of washing machines in small bathrooms, overlapping washing machine usage space with toilette usage space.
But… It still looks weird to me…

Life Gadget Design

Life Gadget Design

5. Milk Glass LED lamp [Link]

Unusual Milk Glass LED lamp, designed to look like a glass filled with milk, lights up when placed upright and turns off when tilted or placed upside down.

Life Gadget Design

Life Gadget Design

6. Nihon Uni’s Knife-Resistant T-Shirt [Link]

A Japanese uniform manufacturer has created a mesh t-shirt from polyethylene fiber that they claim will protect wearers from knife attacks. (Is Japan that unsafe so they need this kind of T-Shirt to give them daily protection?)

Life Gadget Design

7. Soapbox by Wooteik Lim, Yeonha Jo, Sungwoo Park & Yoonha Paick [Link]

Don’t drop the soap…

Not many things in life are more physically challenging than attempting to hold on to that little sliver of sudsy salvation. Dropping the soap can sometimes have lethal results, whether by slip-or-fall or for our “legally challenged” citizens, that fate worse than death. Here is a brilliantly conceived idea that serves to efficiently wrangle that unruly soap. Simply slip the soap into the supplied slot and see how safe and squeaky clean savings can surely be.

Life Gadget Design

8. Noooodle: Spaghetti Measure from ding3000 [Link]

How many times you struggled with getting just the right amount of pasta cooked for the guests sitting at table. Thanks to German Design studio, ding3000, the answer to my noodle problems has been solved. Noooodle allows you to measure off just the right amount of spaghetti from one to up to four people. The design can also be used to place hot cooking pots on so as not to burn your counter space when laid upon it.

Life Gadget Design

Life Gadget Design

9.Card Bulb from Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee [Link]

Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee created the Back Light Unit to allow you to carry a little mood lighting with you at all times. It fits in your wallet and is turned on by flipping the bulb portion into the upright position.

Life Gadget Design

Life Gadget Design

10. Realistic Meat USB Flash Drives [Link]

Life Gadget Design

Life Gadget Design

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5 Responses

  1. Nathan says:

    Hi there, thanks for featuring my bowl on your site. Aesthetic reasoning aside, the story behind the felt is it acts as a backer for the very thin aircraft plywood. By laminating the two together it prevents the wood from cracking when bending into shape.


  2. Groovyspecs says:

    Hi there,
    Love the posts. You manage to find so many beautiful and thought provoking items. Keep it up!
    Thanks :)

  3. James says:

    As for #6, it’s not that Japan is unsafe, it’s just nigh-impossible to get guns there, so almost all violent crime (Which is still very little) is committed with bladed weapons. As such, a simple t-shirt like that would probably do very well there, especially since it’s convenient. If you had a bullet-proof undershirt for decent price, you’d wear it almost all the time, wouldn’t you?

  4. -dan z- says:

    “(Is Japan that unsafe so they need this kind of T-Shirt to give them daily protection?)”

    Actually, yes. “Gun free” Japan has a higher violent crime rate than do Japanese living here in “gun ridden” America.

  5. jericho says:

    just leave the “Realistic Meat USB Flash Drives” on the table and finally u found it in your children’s stomach.. haha nice one

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