Welcome to our Monday routine Life Gadget Design. As usual, 10 creative (or silly) designs will be presented in the post. The only difference is I am going to introduce 10 different designs for one kind of product instead of showing you 10 different products’ design….

What products I want to focus? Alarm! I am looking for an effective alarm to wake me up these days. Just so sleepy and too hard for me to get up on time. If that is not only my problem, hope this post can also help you find an appropriate alarm. Otherwise, you still can enjoy this post since there are some really crazy ideas/designs in it.

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1. Hiding alarm clock [link]

When Clock goes off, you’ve got one chance to wake up. If you go for the snooze, Clock fires up its wheels and rolls off your night stand to go hide. Yep, it runs away. After 9 minutes (you can customize the snooze time) Clock will start screaming and you’ll have no idea where it is. Damn, looks like you’ll have to get up after all.

life gadget design - alarm design

2. Neverlate alarm clock (discontinued)

You can program a different wake-up time for every day of the week on this baby. The snooze interval is customizable, too — pick your reprieve to last anywhere from a single minute to half an hour. There’s even a nap timer that you can engage when you just want to rest up for a bit when you get home, but need to wake up in time to go out that evening.Sounds like not that fun, but you have to say it is a powerful and functional design.

life gadget design - alarm design

3. Sfera alarm clock [link]

What hanging on the bed, it is Sfera — an alarm clock/radio with a cruel trick for guaranteeing you get out of bed. When Sfrea goes off, it takes just a quick tap to engage the snooze and silence it, but each time you do, it creeps a bit higher. After a few snoozes, the sphere will be so far out of reach, you’ll have no choice but to stand up on your bed to turn it off.

life gadget design - alarm design

4. BlowFly Alarm Clock [link]

The BlowFly Alarm Clock, rather than just sitting there waiting to be slapped off, it actually gets up and flies around your room, getting more and more annoying until you have no choice but to jump up and chase it around to shut it off. So basically you have two options: get to work tired or get to work angry. Currently, it’s just concept design, however do you hope that kind of clock come true?

life gadget design - alarm design

5. Laser Target Alarm Clock (discontinued)

Featuring a separate handheld laser gun which must be fired directly at the clock’s target in order to turn the alarm off, if a little morning target practice is not enough to bring you to your senses, you could always try placing the laser gun in another room necessitating its prompt retrieval in order to silence the alarm.

life gadget design - alarm design

6. Evil Stealing Alarm (concept)

This alarm clock steals your mobile phone and randomly shuffles through your contact list and calls someone every three minutes after the desired wake up time.

life gadget design - alarm design

7. Perfect Sleep [link]

More people have flexible lifestyles and can therefore have the perfect amount of sleep before they start their day. So, instead of setting when you want to wake up, this clock allows you to set how long you want to sleep for.

life gadget design - alarm design

8.The Puzzle Alarm Clock [link]

Reminiscent of the popular toy that you played with when you were a kid that required you to put different shaped pieces into their matching holes, The Puzzle Alarm Clock awakens you to a rocking sound and then fires the puzzle pieces off the clock. The alarm sound will continue until all three pieces are put back into their matching holes. You will not fall back asleep after you have climbed under your bed to grab that last puzzle piece! Nope, you can’t unplug the darn thing to shut off the alarm: you need to complete the puzzle.

life gadget design - alarm design

9. Shape Up Alarm [buy on Amazon]

This dumbbell-style alarm wants to start your day off right!
Just set the alarm and in the morning it will buzz until you’ve done 30 reps. Annoying? Maybe. Effective? Unquestionably!

life gadget design - alarm design

10. Silent Alarm Clock [link]

The Silent Alarm Clock wakes you by the vibrative ring. This concept designed by Johan Brengesjo. “Each person wears a wireless rubber ring with an integrated vibration device that generates a tactile alarm, the snooze function is engaged by shaking your hand. However, each successive time you want to snooze, more movement is required, making sure you get to work on time. ”

life gadget design - alarm design

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