Lisa Ericson‘s acrylic paintings weave a magical tapestry of surreal companionship, portraying unlikely pairs of species living harmoniously. Her art, characterized by meticulous hyperrealism, not only captivates with its enchanting visuals but also raises awareness about the pressing climate crisis. In many of her recent works, rising sea levels encroach upon the environments of her subjects, underlining the urgency of our times.

Based in Portland, this acclaimed artist employs chiaroscuro-style techniques, using a black background to cast a dramatic spotlight on her chosen subjects. This unique approach isolates them, revealing every intricate detail and creating an aura of mystery around them. Each painting becomes an intimate portrait, simultaneously representing the natural world and echoing our own human struggles and emotions. Ericson skillfully draws parallels between the two, inviting viewers to contemplate their interconnectedness.

Currently showcased at Corey Helford Gallery, Ericson’s solo exhibition, “Doom & Bloom,” comprises six poignant animal portraits that emphasize the dire consequences of a warming planet. In “Chariot,” a turtle becomes a custodian of an entire ecosystem, traversing a road. “Edge of Night” captures a fox stranded on a tree stump adorned with vibrant pink coneflowers. These artworks employ vivid colors to draw viewers into their spellbinding narratives while serving as poignant reminders of the challenges we face. The exhibition’s title hints at a glimmer of hope amid adversity, suggesting that even in the face of heartbreak, beauty persists.

Doom & Bloom” graces Los Angeles from October 7 to November 11. Dive into Lisa Ericson’s creative process on Instagram and witness the birth of these remarkable surreal paintings.

Edge of Night
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