Hogwarts is everywhere and how they have invaded into the kitchen and cast a spell – turning ordinary baking mixers into something fancy – Hogwarts baking mixers.

True to their name, these mixers unmistakably resemble Hogwarts castle, taking design inspiration from the iconic structure in the beloved Harry Potter series. Each tower, turret, and stone is intricately replicated, turning these mixers into remarkable, standout pieces.

But I am not sure what else it can do besides mix ingredient, but definitely not adds a touch of magic to every pastry or potion you concoct. And I am not even sure these are real. Despite the undoubted legion of Harry Potter fans, the thought of meticulously cleaning flour from every crevice after each use might leave them questioning the magical allure. As decorative items, one can’t help but wonder: WHY?

h/t: TheMinistryOfMagicalbeings

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