Want to have snack? Sure, only when you can find the matched ones.

I am not sure how kids will like Fred’s Match Up – an interactive snack tray that doubles as a game! Kids will be entertained and inspired to eat as they pop open mystery doors two at a time to find snack matches. So work like a memory game, but you will get the yummy treat as reward if matched ones are found.

This tray measures 10” x 8.75”, contains 18 snack compartments. You just need to fill the 18 compartments with small snacks like goldfish, chocolate, nuts, pretzels, fruit, raisins, etc. Then your kids will have a healthy snack as well as a playful memory training.

Very interesting idea! However, I am not sure how much kids will like it. Maybe in the end, it is just another tray for kids and more works for mom. Look at all these doors and small grids, that definitely is not something I want to clean everyday! [buy on amazon]

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