Project: Micro Living Unit
Architects: b Rogers DesignA
Location: London, United Kingdom
Area: 19m2

Invited by U+I, along with The Manser Practice, ARD’s approach was to compartmentalize domestic activities to create an efficient, sustainable and micro living space. Yeah, living in the large city like London, the living expense is pretty high and micro living unit is a perfect way to have everything in one unit without the need of sharing living space.

To achieve that with 19m2 area, Inbuilt furniture is designed to incorporates the bathroom, kitchen, storage and bed. The bed is hidden away from view at high level, which leaves 50% of the floor area free of fixed furniture. The generous 3.2m height allows the apartment and its occupier space to breathe and have storage. With the limited space, all the possible area are used to maximize the storage. The stair draw and bookshelf combination is one of the good example. I won’t say it is a dream home for us, but you have to admit it is a pretty well-designed/organized place for a single person.

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