Resin is a versatile medium that has been widely used in the art craft. We have presented many creative resin creations like resin jewelry, decoration, or painting. Today, we will show you some cool works from Russian artist Evgeny Hontor uses it to create miniature animal sculptures that look like they’re made of ice.

From foxes and wolves to birds and cats, each cute creature looks like it’s really made from frozen water. Hontor sculpts each creature from velvet clay, and then casts the same shape in resin. There are two types of these icy animals. One with natural elements like flowers, leaves and feathers incorporated, and the other one has hand painted dots and decorative markings.

The natural element version might look a bit dirty, but they look very natural. Like there is such kind of magic that blends these elements and water together, forming an ice creature. The hand painted version is more clean and decorative. Its translucent looking somehow gives me a feeling of frosted glass.

Below are some of Hontor’s icy animal and you can find more from his Etsy shop, where he sells all kinds of fantasy-inspired figurines besides below ones.

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