Nicole Gustafsson, also known as Nimasprout, has created a charming collection of mushroom dwellings nestled among toadstool stalks and turkey tail fans. These vibrant and inviting creations feature illuminated doors and windows that beckon viewers into her fantastical worlds, where the theme of “home” takes center stage.

In recent years, Gustafsson’s exploration of the concept of home led her to produce a series of small paintings depicting houses harmoniously integrated into the forest floor. However, it was during an exhibition titled “Clusters” at Nucleus Portland that she took her artistic journey in a new direction. Supplied with basic wooden mushroom shapes, she ventured into three-dimensional art for the first time. She excitedly recalls, “I discovered smaller wood mushroom shapes that allowed me to experiment with various ways of transforming them into even tinier, charming houses. The reduced size also enabled me to craft detailed environments around these mushroom sculptures. This marked the beginning of what I affectionately dubbed ‘mushroom summer,’ a project where I aimed to explore every creative possibility mushrooms offered.”

One of Gustafsson’s unique talents is her ability to draw inspiration from other people’s interests. She tailors her miniature circle paintings to match the favorite mushroom species of her patrons. She explains, “Engaging in conversations about nature with others reveals their preferences for certain mushroom varieties, whether for their visual appeal, culinary uses, or foraging experiences.”

Gustafsson’s art captures the allure of being nestled beneath leaves and tucked away in cozy spaces. She shares, “The idea of immersing oneself under a canopy of leaves and exploring a whole new world with every leaf and turn around a log is undeniably captivating.”

In her shop, you can discover an array of Gustafsson’s small artworks, prints, and stickers. To stay updated on her latest creations, follow her on Instagram. Nicole Gustafsson’s mushroom dwellings offer an enchanting escape into miniature worlds brimming with imagination and charm.

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