Temperature’s Rising is a new body of work which represents an evolution for Chris Wolston, the Brooklyn-based designer. Basically, it is an amalgamation of different inspirational sources, from the Andes Mountains in Western Colombia to Spanish modernism. The human elements of his pieces gives a sense of familiarity while reframing your perspective of the whimsical possibilities of furniture.

Besides of our previously featured human body shaped chairs, Wolston has explored more with his special woven human inspired furniture. This transformation of functional objects into artful and whimsical fabricated work is for sure a refreshing perspective shift for the public.

Chairs, tables, loungers, and other furniture pieces, Wolston continues to expand his unique style of using fiber materials to weave these playful furniture.

When asked the idea behind this new series, Wolston explains “I’m fascinated by the large-scale, gestural patterns that make up our world. The past year has thrown the beauty and fragility of our lives into sharp relief. Temperature’s Rising dually celebrates the essential elements of our world and encourages you to think differently about the objects you see everyday.”

You can order Wolston’s playful human inspired furniture from “The Future Perfect“. If you like Chris’s work, you can also follow him on Instagram for his latest projects.

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