Do you want to sit on my lap? That doesn’t sound quite right? But with Chris Wolston‘s recent Nalgona Chair line, it won’t be the case anymore. Wolston’s imitative chairs have distinct appendages displayed in a way that mimics a person with their hands in the air or resting gently on their knees.

The playful seats are made entirely of wicker harvested in the Colombian Amazon. Chris Wolston wanted to create something that was soft but still maintained a strong materiality. When said why he wants to design chair like that, Chris said “A lot of furniture and other material objects made for humans, and steer away from embodying human-like form. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually embrace these similarities?”

The chair can be ordered from “The Future Perfect“. However, the price is only available upon request. If you like Chris’s work, you can also follow him on Instagram for his latest projects.

Below images photographed by David Sierra

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