Pets bring joy and companionship, improving both the physical and mental health of their owners. They also help children develop responsibility, self-esteem, and stronger relationships.

Scientific studies show that art releases dopamine, a hormone that boosts pleasure and motivation. Combining art with beloved pets creates a delightful experience, making people even happier.

Alison Friend, an artist known for her charming drawings of animals in human scenarios, illustrates this beautifully. Her humorous depictions of dogs enjoying activities like eating ramen or having a spa day have captivated many.

Alison’s love for animals, nurtured during her childhood, inspired her art. “Growing up, we always had pets. As an only child, my dog was like a sibling. I shared everything with him,” she recalls. Her father, a passionate animal lover who painted birds and horses, also influenced her: “I used to watch him paint and wanted to be just like him, copying animals from his books.”

Today, Alison has turned her childhood dream into reality, becoming a renowned artist adored by many online.

Now, shall we take a stroll around some of these animal drawings?

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