The BACKBONE BRANDING team embarked on a mission to develop a brand for a new line of tea that embodies the love and care of nature, beautifully conveyed through its bountiful offerings. As the team delved into the heart of this project, it became clear that the packaging needed to be more than just a container for tea; it needed to be a conduit for the very essence of nature itself. Drawing inspiration from the rustic charm of a postbox nestled amidst abundant greenery, BACKBONE BRANDING sought to encapsulate the beauty of unspoiled wilderness.

The intricate illustrations of the tea’s ingredients not only make for a visually pleasing design but also serve as a practical guide, making it easier for customers to select their preferred blend. Nature’s Post is more than an aesthetic creation; it is a functional work of art. Each package bears a unique number, akin to the index of a traditional postbox, ensuring that every tea variety finds its rightful place.

What truly sets this packaging apart is its storytelling element. The tea bags, designed to resemble letter envelopes with leaves adorning the edges, symbolize that Nature herself is the sender of these precious gifts. A postage stamp on each package showcases the components, tea number, and name, while a seal stamp provides clear and concise instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of tea. To further enhance the personal connection between the customer and Nature, we’ve included a handwritten postscript on the back of the package, offering warm and caring advice, much like a friend sharing valuable wisdom.

The handwritten font serves as a poignant reminder that this message is nature’s personal touch, accompanying its cherished goods. In essence, Nature’s Post is not just a brand; it’s a journey, an experience, and an invitation to savor the essence of nature in every cup. We believe in simplifying the customer’s path to experiencing the goodness of nature, one cup at a time, ensuring that the love and care of nature are delivered with every sip.

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