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Too Adorable to be Eaten Rice Ball

Peaceloving Pax, the doctor and amateur food artist created below super adorable riceball which probably no one want to actually eat them. Inspired by cute bento pictures on Instagram, Pax tried to create some...


Awesome Paper Sculptures and Paper cuts from Elsa Mora

CUBAN-BORN ARTIST Elsa Mora creates intricate, often profound, sometimes whimsical paper cuts, paintings, drawings and sculptures. When I first saw Elsita’s art, I can’t stop star­ing at these metic­u­lously detailed, and there­fore labor-intensive, paper...


Amazing Straw Art from China

Straw is an agricultural by-product, the dry stalk of a cereal plant, after the grain or seed has been removed. In times gone by, it was regarded as a useful by-product of the harvest,...