Bamboo craft expert Noriyuki Saitoh is known for his absolutely gorgeous and seemingly delicate bamboo insects (previous 1, previous 2). While the insects are not scientific replicas, Saitoh’s incredible sense of detail offers the belief that one of these creatures may spring straight into real life.

Saitoh also provided biological details of the inset he created, which are all reference he used to craft his life-like bamboo insects. As Saitoh mentioned on his website:

Since we do not make specimens or replicas, we prioritize the impression, characteristics, and sensation of appearance rather than rigorously measuring the dimensions and creating proportions accurately. This is not a numerical value, but an observational ability, an imagination, a drawing ability, and an experience value.

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Acrocinus longimanus

It is a kind of longhorn beetle belonging to the family Longhorn beetle of the order Coleoptera. It inhabits from Mexico to northern Argentina.

The biggest feature of the harlequin beetle is, as the name suggests, an extremely long front leg. Males are about 7.5 cm long, but their front legs are 15 cm long.

Northern Golden Orb Weaver & Papilio macilentus

Northern Golden Orb Weaver is widely distributed in Japan south of the Amami Islands, southern China, Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea. Even in Tokunoshima, it can be seen widely from villages to forest edges.

Males are about 1 cm long, but females are about 5 cm long, which is the largest nesting spider in Japan. The legs are long and the belly is long and slender.

short-horned grasshopper

A grasshopper that cannot fly, with short, degenerated brown wings.

Ceratocrania macra

In English, it seems to be called Burk Horned Mantis etc.

It has very distinctive features such as projections from head, slender chest and long eyebrows, legs like flower mantis.
It looks like an alien coming out of Star Wars.

version 1

version 2

Rhyothemis fuliginosa

The butterfly dragonfly is named in Japan as a ”butterfly dragonfly ”

because it has the characteristic that the way it flies when flying is not crisp like a normal dragonfly, but it flies like a butterfly. Was.

Violin Beetle(Mormolyce phyllodes)

It is an insect which inhabits tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

This name sticks out from its strange appearance that resembles a violin with the perimeter of the wing protruding in a translucent curtain shape.

Papilio nephelus chaon

It is a black swallowtail with white spots on the rear wing, which is similar to the Monarch swallowtail.

The Malaysian Taiwan Monarch Swallowtail is called the White Swallowtail, because it clearly appears in the front wing.

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