In Between Art and Science, Debora Lombardi harnesses the creative potential of ultraviolet light. Below unreal flower images were created using ultraviolet induced visible fluorescence photography (UVIVF), a technique that captures the fluorescence of flowers and plants hit by UV light. UV light here is used to make visible what is generally invisible to the naked eye. Photographing in this way reveals vivid, incandescent colors. That is a chromatic world not detected by our eyes, but that some animals (such as bees) can perceive.

Using this technique, Italy-based designer and photographer Debora Lombardi took below stunning photos. Lombardi splashes single flowers with the radiation. Unveil an entire spectrum of colors otherwise invisible to the human eye and transform the blooms into otherworldly specimens.

If you’re in London, you can see some of Lombardi’s incandescent flowers at Somerset House as part of the organization’s exhibition through May 2. Otherwise, follow her on Instagram.

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