Unlike the “hidden faces” collection, “I can faces” is an ongoing series from artist Ilan Adar who created stone faces. By carefully arranging stones sourced from shorelines, Adar creates stunning store portraits. Then he takes photos of the portrait as souvenir.

According to Adar : “I see faces – The combination of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, stone beaches, shadows and lights, cliff faces is the exact formula for me to create. What nature’s brings to me everyday. I’ve been working with all different art forms everyday and the rich variety of stones allows my imagination to create stone portraits like this”.

Clearly, these stone creations are really impressive. Personally, I think Adar is really good at finding the right stones for eyes, the most important parts on the face. By layering different color stones, Adar is able to create realistic human eyes with stones only.

Enough of talking. Let’s enjoy Adar’s latest work of stone faces. If you like them, you can follow him on his Instagram page.

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