I am obsessed with the macro world of slime molds and fungi. Every time, when I saw some new photos of these tiny life, I am amazed by the creativity of our mother nature. How she is so talented and create some special life.

Clearly, Photographer Alison Pollack has the same preference as me. The California-based photographer documents the tiny, inconspicuous organisms that are difficult to spot without a trained eye and microscope.

According to Pollack, “My goal is to reveal to people tiny mushrooms and slime molds that they might otherwise never see, or may never even have heard of. And also to reveal the beautiful intricate detail in these organisms.

Although on Pollack’s photo, these molds or fungi looks like pretty big. You might think you can spot them easily like wild mushroom on the ground. But the fact is that they are actually really small, often less than a millimeter tall. To take a photo of them, Pollack needs to use a microscope lens that magnifies her findings up to 20 times their actual size. The resulting image is amazing, it documents the smallest features, such as spores, web structure, texture and color.

You can find more from Pollack’s Instagram or Facebook page. And if you love these photos, you can order prints for these.

PS: All images belong to Alison Pollack

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