Meet your new feline friend in the world of wine – the Genuine Fred STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Stopper. This charming accessory combines whimsy with functionality, ensuring your favorite wine stays purrrrrfectly preserved for later enjoyment.

A Mischievous Companion

If you’ve ever wondered who’s been sneaking sips of your Cabernet, look no further than Kitty. This playful feline has a knack for finding its way into everything, including your cherished bottle of red. But don’t worry, this time it’s all in good fun. The STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Stopper ensures that your wine is kept fresh, even when Kitty is around.

Crafted for Durability and Safety

Kitty is no ordinary stopper. Molded from pure, food-safe silicone, it’s designed to stand the test of time. The silicone material not only adds a delightful tactile element but also provides an airtight seal to keep your wine at its best. With dimensions of 1.08 inches in width, 1.61 inches in length, and 3.63 inches in height, it’s perfectly sized to fit most standard wine bottles.

How Kitty Works Its Magic

Using the STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Stopper is as easy as one, two, meow. Simply insert Kitty into the mouth of your wine bottle, and watch as it snugly seals the opening. This adorable feline not only keeps your wine fresh but also adds a playful touch to your bottle. Whether you’re a cat lover or simply looking to inject some fun into your wine rituals, Kitty is here to play its part. [buy from amazon]

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