Spanish artist Jesuso Ortiz combines various everyday objects like flowers, fruits or food with his drawing and creates playful, three-dimensional illustrations that easily put a smile on your face.

With over 230k followers on Instagram, Ortiz has been creating his illustration mashups for years. However, there is no sign of him running out of ideas. Every time, when I visited his page, I can find something new. Flowers headdresses, leaf face fox, egg yolk balloon or watermelon cape! Ortiz’s repurposing of these conventional items paired perfectly with his minimalist drawings. These creating striking, colorful images that will make you look twice; and let you feel the bright and warm part of the life.

I like to create fantasy scenes from these objects. It is a way of telling stories with a single image.

– Jesuso Ortiz

Below are some of Ortiz’s latest illustrations work. And you can find more from his ever-growing portfolio on Instagram.

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