Transform your favorite liquors into flavorful shots, mixers, and cocktails with the Tastemaker Craft Infuser Shaker. Experiment with various ingredients to create unique, natural flavors and signature drinks. Simply place your chosen ingredients into the infusion chamber, tip to fill, and watch the magic happen. Elevate the ordinary to extraordinary with every pour.

Enhance your booze with a burst of natural flavor using the innovative Prepara Tastemaker Craft Infuser. To use, place the infuser on top of a bottle of alcohol or wine, fill it with fruits, herbs, spices, or candy, tilt the bottle to open the valve and fill the infuser, then let it sit on the bottle or on the included stand for at least 5 minutes to transform the flavor.

This infuser features a 9 oz capacity and is made from high-quality Tritan, ensuring durability and safety. It includes a built-in stainless steel mesh filter, 4 ice ball molds, and 10 drink recipes to inspire your creativity. Perfect for crafting unique flavorful shots, cocktails, mixers, sangria, and other boozy concoctions, it also makes an exceptional gift for budding mixologists.

Experience the art of infusing and elevate your drink game with the Prepara Tastemaker Craft Infuser.

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