Personally, I am not a big fan of sculpted cake. Because I always think these cakes contain too much icing. And the most important is it makes me feel guilty to destroy sculpture during eat. However, no matter I like it or not, sculpted cakes seem to be a trend. And more and more talented bakers use their imagination and skill create more amazing cakes.

The star we want to introduce in this article is the UK-based baker Emma Jayne. She can make some unbelievable cakes that I’ve never seen before – super realistic animal cakes. In most time, the sculpted cake we see are shaped like food or life objects, or pop culture characters. But Jayne’s animal cakes don’t really like that.

You might think how much difference it will be? I will say, huge! For an animal, there is one feature you can’t bypass – skin / feather / fur. Can you imagine how much work it is needed to create the feather of swan? Honestly, I have no clue at all and won’t even want to know how long it will be @_@.

According to Jayne, “I would describe my style as mainly realistic, I love the challenge of putting as much detail as possible even on large-scale projects.” I guess is because that style, Jayne keep pushing her limit can bring us more and more realistic cakes. Of course, making the eating process even hard. Who want to cut the cute dog into pieces? Not me.

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