Brooches are an elegant adornment you can style with various outfits. They are frequently decorated with enamel or with gemstones and may be solely for ornament or serve a practical function as a clothes fastener.

Brooches come in many designs and serve different purposes. I won’t call it as a popular fashion decorative accessory still in these days. Hence, I am quite surprised to see the bird brooches designed by Poland-based artist Paulina Bartnik.

Bartnik uses needles and thread and creates realistic portraits of birds with incredible details. When asked why bird brooches. Bartnik said “I chose birds because of the beautiful colors, shapes, and texture of feathers. To embroider them, I mainly use the needle painting technique, which I think perfectly imitates bird feathers.”

If you are a bird lover, you might want to attach this creative artwork to your clothing. It can definitely be a conversation starter. However, with a price tag over 300 USD, this is definitely not choice for many people. But if you like them, you can check Bartnik’s Etsy store. She has some of her work for sale there.

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