Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drink your wine while an octopus was staring at you? And you can know the feeling now with the help of Popescu’s painting on glasses.

Silvia Popescu, a Romanian artist who creates realistic paintings on glasses. When recalled how she started this kind of work, Popescu said “After I graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, I struggled to make a living on what I loved most: art. I worked in graphic design, web design and even was a cake decorator for a while. It wasn’t till after I became a mother that, just for my son’s amusement, I started to paint him realistic animals. It was a lot easier than actually buying them!”

After that, Popescu discovered that glass was a perfect surface for painting that offered each image an extra dimension and depth. Probably due to the nature of glass is to hold liquid. Majority of Popescu’s work involves animals live in water such as gold fish, battle fish, turtle, octopus, seahorse, jellyfish and more. Of course, Popescu also painted other animals like cat, elephant or birds. But for me, my favorite series are always animal live in water. It is just so cool to have a drink and look at these realistic miniature animals swim in your glass.

If you like these unique glasses, you can purchase them from Popescu’s Etsy shop. Or you can explore more of painting on glasses from her Instagram page.

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