Polycarbonate sheets are durable plastic sheets that are used for many constructional purposes due to their strength and high resistance to the elements. Back in the day, this material was only used for commercial construction because of its high price and was only seen in high-profile cafes and restaurants. Now, because of the high demand for polycarbonate sheets, their price has decreased, and they have become affordable for residential use as well.

Homeowners use them to design doors, patios, balconies, windows, and even showers, and they are also used commercially in the making of swimming pool enclosures, greenhouses, and office buildings. There are many more uses and benefits we can reap from polycarbonates so stick around as we will list a few of the many reasons this material is used commonly for constructional purposes.

Highly Resistant

Polycarbonate is more resistant and protective than glass. It is far more resistant to breakage and fracture than glass, GRP, or any other construction material. These properties make it easier to transport and install the abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheets without causing any damage to their surface. When used in making roofs, these sheets provide high resistance against hail, rain, snow, and falling branches. They also don’t let out any harmful gases when exposed to fire and will melt rather than provide fuel for a fire.

Versatile Uses

Unlike glass, polycarbonate sheets can be shaped into any design and bent to match different building structures. They can be shaped and curved to look like domes or igloos or any other shape desired. This flexibility and freedom allow construction workers to be as creative as they want in the structure and design of their projects. It also makes it very beneficial to use polycarbonate sheets in any kind of structure, so they are not just limited to the construction of commercial buildings and houses. This versatility is what makes them the best alternative to glass when it comes to construction.

Easy to Use

Polycarbonates are very durable yet lightweight and easy to carry. Their weight makes them easier to handle and install, and they can also be easily welded and fixed with some support rods and screws. Additionally, you can easily cut these sheets with a rounded saw or a pair of sharp scissors without needing any additional machinery. Similar to acrylic sheets, polycarbonates are thermoplastic, which means that one of their useful properties is their flexibility; they can easily be formed into any desired shape. Thermoplastics can also be heated, cooled, and reheated to form different shapes without losing their quality.

Insulation Properties

One of the main reasons polycarbonates are becoming so popular is the insulation properties that make them the best for cladding or roofing buildings. To control the thermal performance of buildings, construction companies use multiwall polycarbonate sheets that surround the building with additional air pockets to regulate heat passage in and out of the walls. These sheets also make great noise insulators, which is why you’ll see them more often used as acoustic barriers for busy roads and construction sites.

Lighter Than Glass

Polycarbonates’ density is 1200kg/m3 which is less than half the density of glass, making it easier to use for structural design and construction purposes in general. Since they are lighter to carry, it takes fewer structural members and fewer foundations to load them to and from roofing sites, thus, reducing construction costs. Handling, lifting, and transporting light materials that are not as fragile as glass is also becoming a lot easier using polycarbonate sheets. They make a great alternative to glass which makes construction sites less safe during their installation and handling.

Lower Prices

As explained previously, polycarbonate materials have become cheaper with their high demand. They used to be a high profile feature for commercial offices and public cafes or restaurants back before people realized how useful they are. Not only are they now affordable for residential use, but they are also cheaper to install and transport due to their weight. Thanks to their ease of use and reduced labor and installation costs, polycarbonate sheets are the ultimate cost-efficient option for construction purposes.

Polycarbonates are high-resistance materials used for roofing, cladding, and making doors and windows for commercial buildings. For residential properties, they can be used for designing patios, balconies, and more. They are very good insulators and are used for covering buildings’ roofs to control thermal performance and form a strong layer of protection against the elements. If you are not considering polycarbonates for their high resistance properties, we are sure you will be intrigued by the reduced costs you can enjoy when using them as multipurpose roofing sheets.

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