Have you ever experienced that heart-stopping moment when a glass slips from your hand and shatters into a thousand glittering fragments? It’s a scene familiar to many of us, an accidental symphony of chaos and beauty. But for Swiss artist Simon Berger, this moment of fracture is not a mishap to be lamented, but a canvas waiting to be transformed.

Hailing from Switzerland, Berger’s journey to becoming a pioneer in shattered glass art is as unconventional as his medium. Originally trained as a carpenter, Berger’s hands-on experience with materials and tools laid the foundation for his artistic exploration. It was during a routine job, amidst the mundane tasks of woodworking, that inspiration struck in the form of a shattered windowpane.

Armed with little more than a hammer and his boundless imagination, Berger embarked on a journey to redefine the very essence of portraiture. His technique is a delicate dance between force and finesse, as he meticulously fractures safety glass to create hauntingly beautiful portraits that seem to shimmer with an otherworldly light.

But what truly sets Berger’s work apart is not just his technical prowess, but his ability to infuse each shattered fragment with a sense of life and emotion. From the subtle curve of a cheek to the glint of an eye, his portraits capture the essence of human expression in a medium as fragile as it is captivating.

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