Ski Field or Washroom

Can you image the picture below is taken in a washroom?

ski field or washroom?

Ski Field? No Washroom!

Recently, lots of Japanese restaurants’ washroom are decorated like a Ski Field. The campaign is supported by a Japanese Coffee company Goeorgia Max Coffee to promoting their “sport coffee”.

Not sure whether it is a good idea or not, but it looks like pretty cool. And I real want to how that feel when sitting on the toilet in that kind of washroom.

ski field or washroom?

See the toilet? We are in the washroom

ski field or washroom?

That is the comapny's ads who spnoser this compaign - Goeorgia Max Coffee

Ending word: After introduce so many Japanese staff… I have to admire their creativity… This country is just out of this planet. >_<!

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