Wales-based artist Jon Foreman does something make most of us feel jealous – playing sand and stone at beach. From coils arranged in gradients to whirling patterns embedded in the sand, Foreman’s land art sprawls across beaches and grassy patches in an impressive number of locations.

Foreman believe his practice, which he calls Sculpt the World is a therapy to him. “The simple act of placing stone upon stone in the sand is very therapeutic. I’m sure we all enjoy a walk on the beach but this process I find to be more immersive; being there in nature, losing myself in the work, having left behind all the stresses of day to day life.

Each work is precise in composition, perfectly matching size, hue, and shape into hypnotic works that contrast the man-made construction with their organic backdrops. However, the weather and immediate climate will make his work disappear (be blown down/washed away by the tide). Some people might feel sad but as for but Foreman chooses to see the beauty in his work’s short lifespan. “I create using material that is made from that environment for that environment. The tide washes it all back to the tide line, and I come back the next day with an empty canvas to work with.

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