Inspired by the drama of the natural world and its everyday events, glass artist K. William LeQuier created stunning glass sculptures mimicking the natural movements of crashing waves, ice crystals sprawling and sea creatures.

Based in Readsboro, Vermont, LeQuier carefully layers carved sheet glass into delicate sculptures that twist and writhe atop minimal black armature. The overlapped material varies in opacity, with the outer details often appearing paler in color and the dense portions emitting a blue-green hue.

Every sculpture starts with a rough sketch. From that, he produces a template to scale. Then, as the artist explains, “Thin strips of adhesive rubber are arranged one at a time on each plate of glass. When the plate is sandblasted, the rubber acts as a resist. The rest of the plate is cut away leaving only what was protected by the rubber. After each plate is sandblasted the plates are then glued together with a special UV curing epoxy.”

Below are some of LeQuier’s stunning glass sculptures. And you can find an archive of the artist’s work on his site.

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