Cats, as one of our best friend, are the objects of many artists. There are so many ways to capture a cat, oil painting, watercoloring, sketch, and more. Artists are using their individual styles to highlight specific characteristics of this lovable companion. Using a simple technical pen, Malaysian artist Kamwei Fong recreates the plush appearance of fur in his black-and-white cat drawings.

From long-haired kitties to bright-eyed tabby cats, each of these illustrations is composed of numerous hatch marks. Fong uses this technique to slowly build up the texture, color, and sometimes even the pattern of the cat’s coat. From afar, these tiny lines blend together, making the animals seem super soft. It is only when you look closer that you are able to fully appreciate the amount of time that goes into this striking style.

In addition to the fuzzy coats, Fong increases the cuteness of his drawings by simplifying the bodies into smooth geometric shapes. The bodies of these cats tend to be composed of just circles and triangles, and long rounded tails. The only defined feature of his subjects is the bright round eyes and black pupils, which Fong usually leaves open to fully capture the feline appearance.

You can purchase limited edition prints via Fong’s Etsy store, and see more cat drawings by following the artist on Instagram.

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