Jason Limon, a San Antonio-based artist, reaches deep into the universal human experience with his soul-stirring paintings of skeletons. By stripping his recurring characters to their bare bones, Limon explores themes unclouded by specific identities, allowing viewers to connect on a deeper, more emotional level.

Limon’s uncanny paintings feature skeletons in a variety of precarious, startling, and genial situations. In “Peas In A Pod,” two friends adopt new heads from a large, curved shell, highlighting themes of transformation and friendship. Another piece, “The Right Grape,” depicts a character choosing and fitting a cheerful green fruit onto its neck, adding a playful touch to the skeletal figure.

Working with acrylic paint, Limon creates a rich array of textures, from the deckled edges of a paper-craft structure to the thin, crinkled appearance of plastic wrap. His muted palette of neutrals and jewel tones, combined with these three-dimensional effects, imbues his scenes with a vintage charm and a timeless quality.

Currently, Limon is working on several personal projects. To stay updated on his latest creations, follow him on Instagram. You can also find originals and prints of his work in his shop.

Jason Limon’s art invites you to explore the depths of human emotion through his unique and evocative skeleton paintings. Dive into his world and discover the beauty and complexity of his imaginative creations.

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