This squirrel nut cracker is not only a daily tool for the family, but also a cute decoration shine on any holiday table. The tapered cup makes Nut cracker suitable for for small to large pecan walnuts, the ridges help grip the nuts and keep shells from flying everywhere, making it one of the most easiest nutcracker to use.

It is made of high-strength zinc alloy, strong reinforcement, not easy to deform. The sturdy structure prevents it from breaking or deforming in daily use. The cone makes the nut crackers suitable for walnuts of different sizes, and the ridge structure helps to hold the nut and prevent the shell from flying around.

It is strong and durable, suitable for many kinds of nuts such as black walnut, hazelnut , Brazil nuts, almond. What an ideal gift for friends and family who like nuts and cooking. Nothing makes holidays happier than nuts baked by fire. [Get from Amazon]

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