When think about winter, the first thing comes to our mind is frosty weather and something keep us warm – a furry jacket, a woolen sweater, a blanket, or a thick cloak. Hence, in architect Jenifer Haider Chowdhury‘s mind, if a store sell these winter attires , the store should represent a warmish vibe in it’s architectural features to welcome the customers warmly. There is no need to set up a billboard or model’s photo to make this a winter fashion store.

Driven by this idea, Chowdhury designed below fashion winter stores whose exterior facade like big furry balls or wrapped blanket or woven wool etc. Chowdhury alao took some inspiration from nature like a woolly aphid bug’s skin pattern, a moth’s skin pattern, a dandelion’s puffball pattern, black swan’s feather pattern and used these in the designs.

When asked why use black and white for these stores, Chowdhury said “I choose the black and white combination because these colors are giving a bold impression and the warm tone light makes the whole environment super cozy.”

This is first winner project of “AI Architecture Competitions 2022” organized by Arch Hive And Archi Hacks.

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