Today, scarcely any house is without a terrace or balcony door. This applies to single-family homes as much as to multi-family homes. Without the right door, a balcony or a terrace cannot exist. However, the saying is true in this case, the one who has choices also has difficulties. Precisely for this reason, choosing the perfect door takes a lot of work, as the range of models and security features is huge. However, for most homeowners, individuality reigns supreme.

Anything Goes As Long As It Pleases

Tastes differ, so it’s no surprise that there is a wide range of materials available for door construction, as a glance at  shows. From wood to plastic to metal, everything is available. Yet, combinations of these materials are also possible. There are, for example, plastic-metal patio doors and wood-metal balcony doors. Everyone can thus individually decide what suits them and meets their needs. It’s clear that balcony and patio doors are popular, but they are essential to modern residential buildings. After all, large balcony and patio doors let plenty of light into the house and convey a sense of lightness. They harmoniously connect living spaces with the outside world.

Which Door Solution is the Best?

This depends not only on individual taste but also on the size and architecture of the house, the room situation, and personal special needs. As a result, the door may need to be barrier-free. Otherwise, all balcony and patio doors have one thing in common: they offer perfect soundproofing, excellent thermal insulation, and are durable and stable.

Those who are thinking about their old age while building their house will not only choose a beautiful door but also one that is always passable so that it does not become an obstacle in the future. For children, the balcony and patio door quickly becomes a tripping hazard. For older people who need to use a rollator, or for wheelchair users, the door must not pose a hindrance. Therefore, it is good if the door is not only barrier-free but also extra wide. By the way, renewal can also be worthwhile, as the KfW provides funding.

Safety is a Valuable Asset

Burglary rates are rising, so one should not make it easy for burglars. Balcony and patio doors are often used as entry points into the house. Therefore, every door needs a sturdy frame, and the glass should be safety glass. It needs handles that are lockable and mushroom pins, which can prevent the balcony and patio door from being levered open. If you also install sensors, you will be alerted as soon as glass breaks. Burglars thus have fewer chances of breaking into your home.

Classic, Yet Space-Saving

The tilt-and-slide door is the classic alternative for balcony and patio doors. It has a significant advantage: due to its sliding function, it can save a lot of space. Thanks to the tilt function, it also provides beneficial ventilation. It is easy to use, can be opened in two different ways, is extremely durable, and has a strong design. But it also has a significant disadvantage: it is not barrier-free. Therefore, if you want to make things easy, you should include an automatic system. Then the door can be operated simply at the push of a button.

Classic and Cost-Effective

Each of the classic patio and balcony doors has a tilt and turn fitting. These are floor-length windows that have the same features as regular windows. From a design point of view, they can be single or double-winged, but they can also contain fixed glass elements. They are inexpensive to purchase, can be freely designed in shape and color, and can provide barrier-free access if needed. The downside is that they require a lot of space to open.

Panoramic View Outside

Large glass surfaces are especially suitable for large houses. Here, lift and slide doors come in handy. The threshold is barely visible, and the transition to the outside is seamless. They are always barrier-free and therefore suitable for older people. For the maximum influx of light, panoramic windows are ideal. These have a very narrow frame. When opened, they require little space, and they can achieve a passage width of five meters. They are unique in their optics and can be executed flexibly. They are also easy to handle. If you value design, you have a large selection with this type of balcony and patio doors. This door cannot be levered open and thus has automatic burglary protection. A significant advantage. However, they are then also significantly more expensive and cannot be tilted.

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