In the heart of Turin, Italy, Loft M50 has undergone a remarkable transformation under the skilled guidance of interior designer Paola Marè. This former auto body shop has evolved into a captivating modern living space that masterfully fuses industrial origins with contemporary elegance. Marè’s design narrative unfolds within a sophisticated black and white theme, breathing new life into the space’s industrial legacy.

The metamorphosis included the strategic removal of a central dividing wall and a section of the roof, giving birth to a spacious, loft-like floor plan. The void left by the roof section unveils an inner courtyard, turning the heart of the city into a private outdoor sanctuary. Expansive sliding glass doors frame this airy expanse, not only extending the loft’s footprint but also immersing the interiors in a flood of natural light.

Photography by Jana Sebestova.

Every detail in the design is attuned to the interplay of natural light, meticulously integrated through skylights, windows, and courtyard doors. A carefully devised lighting plan enhances daylight, crafting distinct atmospheres for each functional zone within the loft.

Vertical space takes center stage with three metal mezzanines, each serving a distinct purpose. One hosts the bedroom, boasting an exposed bathtub and a private bathroom. Another transforms into a lounge, while the third caters to guest quarters. Asymmetrical staircases contribute character, with one leading to the lounge and a sculptural masterpiece of black metal guiding the way to the bedroom.

The interior palette gracefully oscillates between pristine white and black iron, punctuated by birch plywood details and pearl-colored Beton porcelain tile floors. The third mezzanine overlooks the partially concealed galley kitchen, strategically positioned next to the open dining area.

The sculptural staircases emerge as focal points, with a minimalist white and black design guiding the way to the lounge. Simultaneously, a striking black metal staircase provides access to the bedroom. The loft’s functionality is further enriched with an entryway, walk-in closet, main bathroom, and a discreetly positioned study. A sliding wooden slat door introduces an element of privacy while ensuring a visual connection even when closed—an embodiment of the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality.

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