Scandinavian influence has flourished in every element of design ranging from visual art and typography to architecture, of course, furniture and home décor. Some of them offer classic white and wood familiar from the Ikea magazines. While others tackle the broader definition of Nordic décor with bright colorful motifs. The apartment presented here is the perfect combination of both. Moreover, compared with other interior designs we featured on the site, this apartment is full of life. It is a bit messy and maybe not that organized, but it shows the real situation when people really live there. That is something you can’t feel from those perfect show-room photo.

As a small studio, living room, kitchen, dinning area, bedroom and even office are all mixed up. However, bookshelves and platform are used clearly to separate these functional area, helping to keep things uncluttered. The oversized newspaper print wall hide the closet area beside the bed. And works on an eye-catching accent wall as well. The kitchen is efficient and homey, with spice jars and extra dishes displayed on open shelves as a way to add extra character.

I think this is a perfect Cozy and Homey Apartment for a single person or young couples. [Visualizer: Duan]

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