Some of us have too much clutter at home that it becomes a little intolerable to stay at home. Do you know that feeling when you walk in your home’s door after a long day at work and suddenly feel the urge to walk out the door again? If your answer is yes, you have too much clutter at home, and you need to do something about it. Don’t worry, we have the right solutions for this problem. A wide range of practical workarounds helps with home clutter, such as donating your old stuff, renting a self-storage unit, or even throwing away the thighs you no longer use. There’s much more you can do to resolve the problem of having piles of unneeded stuff in your home. We put together this small guide to help you eliminate clutter and make more in your living area.


Giving away your extra belongings is the most charitable way of decluttering your home. Many people need bedding, clothing, cookware, books, and maybe furniture. If you have stuff lying around that can be useful to someone else who may need it, donate them right away. A good idea would be to donate your old clothes, shoes, and books; you’ll be freeing up a lot of space on your racks and inside your closet. You’ll also be giving away helpful items that some people actually need. You’ll be helping others in so many ways, feeling good about yourself, and getting rid of the extra stuff you have at home.

Creating Storage

You can get a little crafty and create extra storage by repurposing some of the pieces in your old furniture and using them to store smaller items. For example, a hanging shoe rack can easily turn into a place to store your cleaning supplies if you adjust it the right way. You can also use an old ladder and turn it into a unique bookshelf by painting the edges and garnishing it accordingly. There are so many more creative ideas that your old furniture can inspire you with, so be sure to get as creative and as crafty as you can.

Eliminating Duplicates

This advice is for those people who hoard their stuff for two long until they end up with several duplicates of the same item. If you’re one of those people, you probably have like a dozen pairs of the same shoes or three of the same t-shirts you love the most. You don’t really need all those duplicates that only fill up your house and take a significant portion of your space. Start getting rid of any duplicates you find lying around to get rid of clutter and free up more room.

Using Self-Storage

You may not have enough space at home to keep all of your stuff, which is why you can’t get rid of clutter. If you live in Singapore, try renting a Balestier storage unit and store your belongings in a safe and secured place where no one can touch them. All you need to do is keep up with the rent, and you’ll have your own storage unit that contains all the stuff you don’t want to throw away.

Make Use of Doors

Doors are always handy when you need to hang sweatshirts or towels that you’ll be using later. They are also great for freeing up some space and storing some of your smaller items. Try hanging your shoes on the back of your closet door, or hanging the cleaning supplies on the back of your pantry’s door. You can also hand lids on your cabinet’s doors for more organization.

Be Purposeful With Your Shopping

It’s important to stay mindful and purposeful while shopping. Create a plan before going out to the mall and write down the things that you need so that you can only stick to these items. Try to have a general idea of the outfits you need before going shopping for clothes. This will help avoid the extra clutter you usually make at home when you shop for the things you don’t need.

Clutter can make you feel uncomfortable while staying at home. It’s also unpleasant to look at and can negatively impact your overall mood. You need an effective plan to get rid of the unnecessary items you have at home, even if it means giving some of your things away. Find the perfect place to store your old furniture and belongings, or donate your old stuff to charities that need them.

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