Homeownership guarantees you a space of your own, but along with it are responsibilities. Having a home is rewarding, yet it can be pretty overwhelming with the plethora of tasks needed to keep it in shape.

To face the daunting tasks, break them down into manageable chunks. One of the best ways to do this is to sort the tasks by season because houses go through the changes in weather and environment.

This article will help you maintain a clean and fit home with a thorough but easy checklist for every season.

Spring Cleaning

Spring jumpstarts the seasonal cycle, so what better way to face new beginnings than to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty for your home? There is a reason they call it “spring cleaning,” after all.

Spring is usually when you review what your home has been through for the past year, as well as when you plan how it will withstand the year to come. It is a good time to cross off a large chunk of your annual checklist during this season.

Considering this, you might want to start with your home’s exterior. Rake up leaves and clear out gutters. Check for chipping paint and damaged siding. A fresh coat or a simple touch-up can help protect shingles from rotting.

Give your home a thorough scrub too. Wash it inside and out, covering vulnerable house materials when necessary. This is also a good reminder to choose better materials that will last for home renovations or repairs. For example, you may want to opt for long-lasting composite deck boards for your patio, which you can conveniently clean with just soap and water.

After getting rid of the dirt and grime, look into the systems that keep your home running, like plumbing, vents, laundry appliances, and the like. It is the best time to call an HVAC expert since summer is right around the corner.

Summer Fun

Summer provides a much-needed break from work and school. It is understandably spent on vacations, but it is also a great time to work on those dream house projects you’ve put off due to the busyness of everyday life.

It is a great time to sort out garage clutter and conduct a garage sale. Reorganize shelves or even set up new ones. Summer DIY activities can be just as fun as going on trips. Just remember to take care and protect important materials and possessions by using the right cover for any construction work. For instance, if you plan to do some welding, there are curtains and screens for welding that will ensure your and your items’ safety.

Summer is also the best time to pay extra attention to your garden. Summer heat can be harsh, so ensure your plants get all the water they need. Consider investing in sprinklers and check for clogs or leaks.

Lastly, inspect for any pest problems. The hot temperature is a breeding ground for speedier infestation. Nip further damage in the bud by clearing cobwebs and keeping insect spray within reach. It is best to consult with professionals for more serious problems like termites, roaches, and mice.

Cozy Fall

Fall is the season of transition as it eases the world from the high energy of summer into the bundled-up stillness of winter. It is the season of winding down, and it’s no different in the context of home upkeep. In this period, you should be ticking off the last of your summer maintenance checklist and preparing your home for the winter.

First is taking care of dead leaves accumulating on your lawn or roof. Clear out gutters once more. Take another thorough look at your house’s exterior, checking for any cracks or loose tiles before heavy snowfalls that will clog gutters with debris.

Investigate windows and doors for drafts, and seal or caulk where necessary to keep the heat in. It is time to have your HVAC inspected again, ensuring clear vents and a working thermostat.

Flush faucets and hoses, and turn off the sprinkler system. Clean your chimney. Aside from ensuring its efficiency for winter, it will also guarantee safety as chimneys carry hazardous gases.

With that said, get a head start on stocking up on firewood. Equip yourself with other winter gear, like rock salt, a shovel, and a snow blower.

Winter Wonderland

If you have kept on top of your home upkeep the past seasons, there will be nothing much to do but hunker down for winter. Nevertheless, whatever maintenance is left to do during this season is still pretty important.

It is time to get the snow blower out and the winter gear you stocked up during fall. Take care of icicles and ice dams before they get worse. Leave the faucet on a slow drip to keep water flowing.

Test the electricity, and check the generator. If you could not take care of it during the fall, examine and change heating system filters as needed.

Between sips of hot cocoa, it is still better to do these routine inspections that will ensure to ward off the winter blues and keep your house your own winter wonderland.

Simply remember, for winter—and the start of the new seasonal cycle—fix what you can, and for the rest, consult with professionals.

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