With our extremely busy schedules, you can easily ignore your plumbing, especially when there are no visible leaks and everything seems to be in perfect working order. Have a regularmaintenance schedule service with professionals from Deluxe Plumbing and HeatingServices.

Unknown to many, regular maintenance on your drainage system can make your drains serve you longer and avoid plumbing emergencies, which are expensive and can cause you a lot of inconveniences.

What are the benefits of having your drainage system checked?

Reduce emergency repairs 

If you are intentional about maintaining your drainage system, you are less likely to face an emergency repair, which is expensive and stressful, and inconveniencing. You may have been getting ready to go to work when you discover your entire kitchen flooded with water from a leaking sink, or you are about to take a shower, and the heater refuses to cooperate, or it’s raining, and there’s a pool of water around your house due to leaves and debris you have frequently been postponing to clear.

It can be infuriating when forced to drop your important meetings and schedules to attend to a plumbing emergency that you could avoid in the first place. An experienced plumber should identify these minor problems with regular maintenance and alleviate them before they escalate to full-blown tragedies that will be costlier to repair.

Improved water quality 

Water system pipes ultimately wear out, exposing metal parts to corrosion from rust that can contaminate your water supply. Besides, leaking pipes encourage bacterial growth that can be harmful to your health. Mold and mildew can cause serious health challenges such as throat and skin irritations, itchy eyes, allergies that cause consistent coughing and sneezing, respiratory infections, breathing challenges, congestion, rashes, fatigue, and fever.

Regular and prolonged mold ingestion can cause illnesses that you could easily avoid since it thrives in moist, dark places such as stagnant water around the house, water spills on your carpets, water leaks on walls, and other hidden areas.

Bursting pipes can cause serious destruction to your home, damaging walls, carpets, and ceiling.

Regularly maintaining your drainage system can help identify the problem early and alleviate it before spiraling out of hand.

Reduce bill 

A single wasted drop of water may appear insignificant, but it is a lot of when you do your calculations over time. For instance, a drop of water every three seconds can waste approximately 2500 gallons yearly, making a substantial contribution to your already skyrocketing utility bills. Intentionally scheduling your maintenance with your plumber will somewhat alleviate your plumbing emergencies and reduce your bills. Ignoring your plumbing and always procrastinating worsens a minor situation blowing it out of proportion leaving extensive damages that need a lot of money to sort out.

Though it may appear expensive to regularly have your plumber check your drainage system, it is costlier to sort out leaking sinks, toilets, and drainage systems that you have left unkempt for ages.

Increase life-span for your drainage water system 

Regularly examining and cleaning your pipes will prevent them from bursting from excess water pressure known to put a strain on the pipes. Water leaks from cracked and faulty pipes provide a superb environment for molds to grow, affecting the air in your home. It’s amazing to note that you can permanently eradicate the dampness from your home by sorting out your leaking pipes. The stuffy, moldy sour air puts a strain on your air conditioning system to clean the air escalating your power consumption.

Better water pressure 

After a hard day’s work, you need a hot shower to soothe your aching joints, leaving you reinvigorated and relaxed. There is nothing more frustrating than showering under low water pressure. Low pressure is mainly brought about by leaking pipes that greatly affect some faucets and sinks. Resolving faulty plumbing can help restore water pressure to the right levels.

Regular maintenance will save you the agony of inconvenience when needing a nice hot shower.

As you schedule your regular appointments with your plumber, below are some preventative maintenance tips that you need to know

  • Fix leaky faucets and showerheads.
    Dripping faucets waste water adding to your bill, and if left unattended, the drip can worsen further, causing damage. To prevent problems, regularly inspect your faucet and carry out the needed repair work. Check handles to ensure no water drips when turned off. Additionally, inspect the sink for stains and drips.
  • Unclog slow drainage systems.
    When water takes time to drain, a blockage needs to be addressed before things spiral out of hand. Make a homemade mixture of vinegar and hot water and flush it down the drain to remove any stuck debris.
  • Inspect exposed pipes and appliances such as refrigerator and water heater for leaks. Read the manufacture’s manual for appliance maintenance information and look out for visible signs of leakages. Additionally, be wary of mildew. Put a drip tray under the leaking water heater and washing machine to prevent water overflow.
  • Fix leaking toilets.
    Every so often, a faulty seal around the valve can cause your toilet to run even without flushing. Over time slime will accumulate around the valve seat and flapper, preventing the flapper from sealing securely. Hence the water will continue to run. There could also be an error with the handle or tank stopper, which requires quick and inexpensive repair.
  • Take caution on what you flush down the drain as a way to prevent blockages with pipes. Apart from human waste and toilet paper, don’t allow anything else down the drain.
  • Analyze the water pressure
    Water pressure is the force exerted when coming out of faucets and showerheads. Test water pressure with a pressure gauge to ensure water moves properly to guarantee safety. Another preventative measure is to add a pressure regulator to ensure water pressure at a safe level.
  • Remove and clean your shower head of any accumulated residues to improve water pressure.
  • Your water heater can amass sediment that needs draining annually or semi-annually from time to time.

In conclusion, regularly maintaining your drainage system will guarantee a good plumbing system that will serve you better and for a longer time.

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