Bohemian style – or Boho for short – is an interior design trend that focuses on life, culture, nature and good vibes. This design style is favorite among those who live a somewhat unconventional lifestyle – people who often travel and love experiencing new things.

Naturally, they want their living spaces to reflect this, which is why Boho interiors are usually full of diverse and unconventional décor.

So, if you’re also looking to create a seamless Boho style in your interior, here are some useful tips.

Choose the right décor

Carefully selected décor pieces are the staple of every Boho interior. That being said, however, it doesn’t mean that you need stress or overthink this step. Instead, simply gather various unique décor pieces and see how you can tie all of them together. For some additional inspiration, hop over to Skull Bliss and learn more, and see which pieces match your personal style. Boho follows the philosophy of “more is more” so don’t hold back when choosing décor.

Focus on colors

Warm earthy tones and deep jewel tones are where the Boho color palette is at. Since Boho design draws so much inspiration from nature, think deep greens, earthy browns and charcoal greys when looking for base colors. You can then bring more liveliness into the area with jewel tone purples, fiery oranges and bright reds. Sunny yellows and grass greens are also welcome. Of course, you can also use white and light grays as base colors, but then make sure to contrast them with richer tones.

Add different fabrics

As mentioned earlier Boho is heavily culture-oriented. What this means that in a true Boho design, you won’t see too much simple and plain fabrics. Instead, thick and woven fabrics are much more common. Jute, bamboo and wool are just some of the fabrics that can commonly be seen in Boho interiors. Hand-painted and tie-dye fabrics are also quite a popular choice. So, fill your space with as much of these as you can. You can easily introduce various fabrics with throw pillows, blankets and different area rugs. However, make sure you balance them out with light and breezy window curtains to avoid creating the space that feels too “heavy”.

Fill the space with nature

Bohemian décor doesn’t only embrace nature. It also heavily celebrates it. That’s why natural elements and materials play such a huge role in Boho design. Natural wood, stone and brick are just some of the materials found in Boho style. Faux leather and cowhide are also quite common. Various metals and metallic finishes are also welcome, but they should be kept minimal and mostly used for accents. Aside from the materials, greenery also has a key role. Now, while most modern places are usually filled with tall and luscious greenery, Boho often favors smaller plants. Various succulents and cacti are a common sight in Boho design, as well as different low-maintenance plants.

Go for the right furniture

The majority of furniture pieces commonly found in Boho interiors can’t really be bought in stores – at least not anymore. Second-hand and vintage furniture, as well as various pieces collected over time are right at home in a Bohemian-inspired interior. The best thing is that these pieces don’t even really have to match. Instead, each of them can have a chance to shine on their own in such a setting.

So, if you’re considering redesigning your space and turning it into something that feels more like “you”, Boho is a great way to go. If done right, you’ll end up with a warm and welcoming living space that entirely reflects your personal style.

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