I am always admired about someone who can draw hyper-realistic pictures. These drawings are so realistic that can easily fool our eyes and make us think these are photos.

It is hard for a stick figure drawing person to tell how much work and practice you need to gain such skill. But it must be A LOT! Of course, it is sad to say, only hard working isn’t enough and you definitely need talents. Rafael Konishi from São Paulo, Brazil, is one of those few people with such gift and has dedicated their time learning just that.

According to Konishi “I have been drawing since I was a child, but I drew a lot of manga. I met realistic drawing in 2013, but I really improved myself in 2017. Since then, I have been trying to improve myself in this art that I love so much.”

Below are some of Konishi’s work we handpicked from his Instagram. Although Konishi said he wasn’t picky about subject. He likes to do everything that challenges him when he look at an image and it catches his eye. While from our observation, we think Konishi is really good at drawing female portraits. And I have to say, he really masters the balance of light and shadow. Some of the drawing below are so perfect and make me really hard to believe it is not photo.

More info: Instagram

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