Engineered stones have been gaining popularity when it comes to countertops. Particularly, quartz countertops appeal to homeowners with their durability, aesthetic value, and timeless beauty. You have plenty of personalization options available with quartz countertops. Of course, these countertops are highly resistant to heat. This might land you upon an intriguing position, wondering whether you can place hot pans on these elegant countertops without inflicting any damage.

To give you a brief idea, you should never place a hot appliance or pan directly on your countertop. Although these countertops can withstand high temperatures, it is logical not to put the stones under stress or heat shock. Professionals at Caesarstone have come up with a comprehensive explanation on why you should refrain from placing oven-hot pans on your quartz countertops.

How Much Heat Can Quartz Counters Take?

Quartz countertops are highly heat resistant. They are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature exceeds this level, your precious countertop is likely to sustain damage. Putting it practically, it is not possible to accurately gauge the temperature of hot pans when you remove them from the oven. Since you are already aware of the 150-degree mark, it is logical not to risk your countertop.

Of course, you can adopt various safety measures to prevent fire-hot pans from touching the quartz surface. You should have trivets and potholders ready to place the pans when you remove them from the oven. With these measures, you can maintain your quartz counter, imparting it a longer life.

Placing Hot Pans On Countertops Made Of Quartz: What’s The Final Verdict?

The good thing about engineered stone is that it is resistant to discoloration, cracking, and scorching. However, you should remember that your countertops would not contain 100% quartz. In general, around 93% of this material would be pure quartz. The remaining part is made of resin, polymer, and other materials. These serve as binding materials, holding the quartz content together.

Moreover, your quartz countertop may contain certain pigments. These are added to the slabs to provide specific colors. Besides, you might want your countertop to mimic other materials and stones. These pigments and binding agents are prone to damage when exposed to extreme heat.

Hot pans can reach temperatures over 300-degree Fahrenheit. This is almost double the safe temperature level to which you can expose your quartz countertops. When you set the pan directly over the surface of the slab, it can result in discoloration. In the end, the surface of your countertop would look messed up.

What Can You Place On Your Quartz Countertops?

Well, think of the heat content in an average cup of coffee or cup, or even a microwaved plate. Placing these objects would do no harm to the countertops. However, if you place a boiling pot or sizzling frying pan directly over the surface of the slab, it might sustain damage. Likewise, you should refrain from placing baking dishes on quartz countertops directly from the oven.

Taking Guard Against Thermal Shocks

Although quartz stone is heat resistant, you can’t possibly rule out the chance of a thermal shock. This might eventually lead to cracks on the surface of your countertop.

In case you mistakenly place a hot pan on the surface, and it sustains a crack, you can repair the damage. Use mild abrasive cleansers, such as a solution of baking soda to fix it. Epoxy filing may also work, along with a pigment matching the original color of the countertop. However, try not to damage your quartz countertops in the first place. With proper care, you can enjoy the sheen and robustness of the surface for decades.

Protecting Your Quartz Countertops From Damage

Now that you know the dangers of placing hot pans on your quartz countertops, it’s time to explore the viable options to try and prevent the damage.

Use Trivets And Potholders

Using pot holders can significantly reduce the heat to which the quartz countertop would be exposed. Traditionally, they are made of cloth, although silicon potholders are now available in the market. Once you slip these heat absorbers under the pans and pots, you secure the quartz countertop against heat shocks and scorching.

Trivets may prove to be better for countertops, as they are specifically designed for your slabs. Besides, they are more rigid and thick as compared to potholders. Moreover, they are available in different designs and colors to enhance the décor of your kitchen. Before you take down any hot dish from your oven, make sure to have these trivets or potholders ready.

Use Towels Or Heat Mat

If you want to cover up most of your countertop, you may purchase large trivets or heat mats. These accessories are made of different materials, such as silicone, bamboo rolls, and woodblocks. You can even use hand towels to absorb the heat when you take off the pans from the burner.

When you know that you need to juggle around the heated containers around the countertop, it makes sense to use heat mats. In the process, you can safely place the hot pans without inflicting any damage to the counter.

Directly Serve Out The Dish

To do away with all these hassles, you may consider serving the food directly to the plates. While the external temperature of the pan would be more than 200-degree Fahrenheit, the content inside would not be that hot. Simply use a spoon or pour out the recipes into the serving dishes. In most of these dishes, the bottoms are thick enough to absorb the heat. Eventually, the surface would not become dangerously hot. After all, you won’t have to buy heat mats or trivets for the countertops to secure them.


If you are remodeling your kitchen or fabricating a new one, you might prefer using quartz stone as the material for your countertop. Considering the sophistication and durability of this material, it makes sense to invest in the stone. Consult an expert regarding the quality of quartz stone and design aspects to enhance the looks of your kitchen. This ensures that you can enjoy the best value of your investment.

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