I have an aquarium but my fish usually can’t last more than half year. Hence, in most time, my tank is empty with dusty tank decoration. I am not sure is that the reason Italian artist, Linda Di Martino, created this stunning, colorful fish tank which was made entirely out of crochet yarn.

The crocheted aquarium is filled with beautifully detailed sea animals and plants that the artist crocheted. Although nothing will move there, at least nothing will die as well. And it seems you don’t worry about all the tank maintaining to have a beautiful aquarium. Okie, enough of my lazy thinking and hope I don’t offend the fish lovers.

Take a look at Martino’s tank creation and you will agree with me, it looks pretty good and is a good use of an empty, dirty tank. Hence, if you are handy and think you can handle crochet patterns well, you can check Martino’s tutorial and create your own crocheted aquarium. If not, we can always find many oceanic toys to decoration the tank.

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