Wrought iron is aesthetically appealing, incredibly strong and long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Gates and fencing provide support for plants to climb on and blend nicely between the bars. Wrought iron also enhances the impact of landscaping features such as fountains, sculptures, and birdbaths and helps create a sophisticated and stylish outdoor decorative environment.

But as we all know, God is in the little details. To create an enchanting outdoor space and add class and elegance to your home, here is a roundup of what some of the world’s best architects had done to turn wrought iron into gates and fencing of breathtaking beauty. These magnificent iron gates and fences from around the world offer some serious inspiration and will help you give a high-class flare to your home.

1. Ornamental Gate at Chirk Castle, Wales

The sophisticated ornamental gate at Chirk Castle in Wales is a magnificent example and a source for inspiration for your next landscaping project. The intricate detailing with gold and black highlights is sure to leave everyone astounded by the elegance and beauty of this ornate gate. Featuring coronets and vine tendrils, piers with Corinthian capitals, spear finals, and lead wolf animals, the wrought iron gate at Chirk Castle is a masterpiece considered one of the finest in the world. It is emblazoned with pineapple finals, heraldic overthrow with Myddleton arms, and scrolled foliage.

2. Fence at the Buckingham Palace, London

The luxurious gilded fence surrounding the Buckingham Palace features elaborate details and fleur de lises that symbolize royalty. The majestic fence is adorned with ornate designs and golden stars that add elegance and style and make it a symbol of majesty.

3. Vanderbilt Gate, New York

One of Central Park’s magnificent entrances, the Vanderbilt Gate was originally built for the mansion of Cornelius Vanderbilt II at Fifth Avenue. Today, the green oasis inside this spectacular gate is planted with thousands of perennials and annuals while the gate itself is a striking reinterpretation of the Early French Renaissance.

4. Sheremetev Palace Fence, St Petersburg

Built by architect Geronimo Corsini in 1838, the ornate cast-iron, openwork fencing of the Sheremetev Palace features a unique grating pattern, coat of arms, lions, and gliding on details. Originally, there were also gas lights above the gate. Several beautiful fountains complemented the landscaping design but unfortunately they did not survive. Once an aristocratic estate, today the Sheremetev Palace houses collections of the State Museum of Theatre and Musical Art.

5. Versailles’ Golden Gates, Versailles, France

The Golden Gates of the Palace of Versailles are a masterpiece  in the making. Torn down during the French Revolution, the royal gates have been recreated with a crown, masks of Apollo, and cornucopias. For some, this ornate gate displays the excess opulence of the French monarchs but it is nevertheless a magnificent gate with 100,000 golden leaves crafted into the shapes of fleur de lys.

6. Belvedere Palace Gates, Vienna

These magnificent wrought iron gates are adorned with crown jewel shapes, crosses, and ornate floral patterns. While the palace is most notable for its overwhelming collection of art and extensive exquisite gardens, Belvedere has long wowed tourists from the moment they enter the palace grounds through the majestic gates decorated with stone lions holding coats of arms.

7. Catherine’s Palace Gate, City of Pushkin

The lavish summer residence of Catherine II, empress of Russia, is simply breathtaking. The gates are majestic, complementing the palace’s stucco blue-and-white façade with stunning gilded details and striped columns.

The Golden Gate is the main entrance of the palace and one of the most exquisite gates of the royal complex. Featuring an abundance of gilding, elaborate details, and a sophisticated Baroque lattice pattern, the Golden Gate was severely damaged during the Second World War and restored in the 1960s. Today, the gate still astounds the throng of visitors of the city of Pushkin. With over 12 thousands rivers, 3,500 decorative details, elaborate sheets of gold, and the small coat of arms of the Russian Empire, the Golden Gate is a masterpiece of exquisite, timeless quality.

The malleability, durability, and aesthetic appeal of wrought iron have made it a popular choice throughout the ages. Built around opulent palaces, some of the greatest masterpieces in history are made from wrought iron, creating a sense of grandeur and splendor that ordinary people admired. Fence aficionados can draw inspiration from some of the most exquisite, ornate, and elaborate gates and fences built around lavish palaces and opulent residencies. Wrought iron can certainly add an air of sophistication to any property much like it does around some of the greatest historical landmarks.

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