Designed by Umbra, this creative roll-up chess set makes a perfect travel mate. Umbra Rolz is a portable chess and checkers set that can be carried on the go.

It features resin checker pieces with silk-screened chess characters, and a unique vegan leather playing board with black and white stitching. With its unique wooden base, the board can be easily rolled up around a central tube that stores the pieces. When finished, use the integrated carrying case and strap to pack the whole piece.

Although providing entertainment and fun for the whole family, ROLZ also doubles as decor, and can be left out on your tabletop, counter or coffee table. Its packed size is so compact and few people will connect it with a chess set.

What a perfect gift for any chess or checkers lover as it comes with everything you need while maintaining a unique and attractive design.

Like this cool set? You can get it from Amazon. If you want to explore more options, check our previous posts about chess set designs.

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