It looks like Allen Chen (previous) isn’t the only onw who can create elaborate painting on people’s head. Talented San Antonio based barber, Rob Ferrel, aka Rob The Original, creates elaborate patterns and designs for his clients with the creative use of his clippers. A bit different from Chen’s work, Rob also uses dye on the hair so that his hair cut designs just like a real painting, but on head.

Think of the most significant people of our time and chances are, Rob the Original has created a hair portrait of them: Tupac, Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Heath Ledger’s Joker, and the list goes on. Besides those portraits, Rob can also recreate landscape on the head. No matter you want a palace or desert, Rob can fulfill your dream.

When asked how he came up the idea of “drawing” on people’s head, Rob said “As someone who was artistic from a young age, I want to combine his my for drawing, graffiti, tattooing, and painting to inform the designs. When you add years of barbershop knowledge to the mix, you’re left with some seriously double tap-worthy hair.”

Take a look at some of Rob’s crazy/creative/stunning hair painting, and you can head over to his Instagram page for more.

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