Inspired by the natural world, architectural visualizer Thilina Liyanage uses his imagination and skill to propose stunning building concepts. His recent forest observation deck, which takes the form of a moose head, is just one of many clever projects that combine nature and architecture.

In his design, the moose’s antlers have been transformed into spacious terraces that give visitors unobstructed views of the environment. These decks are connected via a staircase down into the head of the moose, which provides shelter and shade. Small oval skylights pierce through the “head,” allowing light to filter in below. Meanwhile, the animal’s long muzzle provides a walkway down to the water’s edge.

Besides this moose head observation deck, Liyanage also incorporates different animals’ anatomies into different projects. For example, there are swan bar, jellyfish restaurant, jaguar coffee shop and more.

However, many of Liyanage’s designs are still building concepts now. Now, all we need to do is keep our fingers crossed that someone decides to bring these awesome concepts to life.

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